Buyer’s Guide

Allow us to guide you to make the smart choice…

Here are 6 simple steps to help you fulfill your dream of owning your brand new home.


STEP 1: Assess

Assess yourself if you really want to invest on a new home.


STEP 2: Explore

Research and explore possible locations that you prefer to live or have that investment, and consider the property’s accessibility.


STEP 3: Contact

Contact a licensed real estate broker or accredited real estate sales person to evaluate what you want for your home.


STEP 4: Ask

Get price computations, available financing schemes and other relevant details on how you can avail your new home.


STEP 5: Decide

Decide practically on what you are looking for – a good place, your dream home, the best choice for your family and a sound investment that you simply can afford.


STEP 6: Prepare

Prepare the documentary requirements. Initially you’ll need the basic documents i.e. any government identification card and any proof of income to reserve the property.