Having its own tradition of quality and affordability, in which all its property development projects have been known for, P.A. Properties has partnered with another prestigious Asian development company to help bring the ideal way of living to Filipino families - the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group of Japan.

P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) is a leading developer of affordable housing communities in Southern Luzon, headquartered in San Pedro, Laguna. Since its establishment in 1994, P.A. Properties has successfully constructed over 20,000 housing units across prominent provinces in the Philippines, with ambitious plans to build an additional 20 housing communities in the next five years. Committed to alleviating the country's housing backlog and fostering economic growth, the company actively collaborates with local government units (LGUs) through impactful initiatives. These include donating towards the construction of hospitals in Cabuyao, providing right of way support to Pampanga's government civic center, and establishing SanJo's markets in key provinces like Laguna and Bulacan.


Founded in Osaka, Japan on February 17, 1947, Hankyu Realty Co. Ltd of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings has been known for creating attractive and picturesque developments along the railway lines, adhering to the original philosophy of "Open up a town, build dwellings and cultivate livelihood."

As a core company which carries out the real estate business of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. will contribute in expanding the real estate business not only in Japan, but also in foreign countries - such as the Philippines.